Brenda J. Seiton, JD Assistant Vice President for Research Administration

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Ms. Seiton serves at the Director of the Conflict of Interest Office in the University Office of Research Administration. She provides oversight and advice on state and federal regulatory and other legal matters that affect the University. Her office is charged with the duty to assist investigators in managing their relationships with outside commercial entities. Ms Seiton also serves as a resource to the University Institutional Review Board and the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee, as well as to other units and divisions of the University that are involved in research administration. Ms. Seiton provides training for the COI Committee members, faculty, and staff on Conflicts of Interest in Research. She has lectured in the Ethics course for the Masters of Clinical Research Program, and she provides presentations at the School of Medicine Research Administrators monthly meetings. Previously, she had served as the Associate Dean for Administration in the School of Medicine. In that role, she was responsible for the managing the conflict of interest program at the School in addition to reviewing all consulting agreements of faculty members in the School of Medicine. She was also involved in the faculty appointments and promotions process. Ms. Seiton has also been an active member and Chair of the President’s Commission on the Status of Minorities and the University Benefits Committee.

Before coming to Emory University in 1997, Ms. Seiton was the Director of Risk Management and an Assistant Division Counsel for Charter Behavioral Healthcare Systems, Inc. As the Director of Risk Management, she managed medical malpractice litigation and settlements for all Charter hospitals across the country. When she practiced law as Assistant Division Counsel, she advised hospital managers on issues of medicare fraud and abuse, antitrust, hospital governance, and commercial transactions. Ms. Seiton received her B.S. degree in General Management with a minor in Philosophy at Boston College and received her J.D. degree from The Dickinson School of Law.

Karly Taylor, MS  Senior Conflict of Interest Specialist

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Ms. Taylor joined Emory University’s School of Medicine Dean’s Office as a Senior Legal Assistant in 2008 and then the Conflicts of Interest Office in 2009. Her responsibilities include reviewing faculty and staff outside relationships related to research, reviewing complex transactions, preparing conflict of interest cases for committee member review, providing expertise for resolution of research and regulatory issues, and ensuring research compliance under all federal regulations.

Before assuming her position with Emory, Ms. Taylor served as Senior Legal Assistant for Partners Healthcare Office of the General Counsel in Boston, Massachusetts. Her concentration of work focused on conflicts of interest for Massachusetts General Hospital and the Brigham and Women’s Hospital. Ms. Taylor also served as a Partners Healthcare liaison to Harvard Medical School for faculty conflict of interest matters. Ms. Taylor is a certified paralegal, has received her bachelor’s degree in criminology and sociology from Ohio University, and earned her master’s degree in criminal justice from Georgia State University.

Joi Mindingall, JD, Lead Conflict of Interest Specialist
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Ms. Mindingall joined the Conflicts of Interest Office in 2011. Her responsibilities include reviewing faculty and staff outside relationships relating to research; researching complex relationships and transactions; preparing cases for review by committee members; providing expertise for resolution of complex research and federal regulatory issues; and ensuring compliance with all federal regulations relating to conflicts of interest in research.

Prior to joining Emory’s Conflicts of Interest Office, Ms. Mindingall served as Program Manager for the Office of Conflicts of Interest and Commitment Management at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, TN. Her work concentrated on the collection, review and management of conflicts for all University faculty and staff as well as Vanderbilt University Medical Center staff. Ms. Mindingall also practiced law as an Associate with The Cochran Firm – Birmingham prior to her time at Vanderbilt. Her practice included, but was not limited to, medical malpractice and Title 7 litigation. Ms. Mindingall received her B.A. in American and Southern Studies from Vanderbilt University and her J.D. degree from the Walter F. George School of Law at Mercer University.